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The Story of Cutie Patootie Fragrances

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed creative outlets such as antiques, interior decorating, sewing, and beautiful fragrances.   


When my immediate family visit from their home in Japan, I like to send back numerous little gifts for extended family and friends. Many months prior to my family's last visit, I was pondering ideas of gifts to make.  I had a variety of lovely essential and fragrant oils in my possession, so, I sought to merge my love of fragrances with the gifts. I excitedly went off on an in-depth research project that resulted in the discovery of adorable glass diffusing bottles. 


I broached the manufacturer of the diffusers and they agreed to sell me 550 bottles. Whoa, I knew full well that I didn’t need that many so I took some time to contemplate how I may use such a large quantity of bottles in the future? After committing to the project, I went for broke and placed the order.  When the shipment arrived, I pulled out a bottle and loudly expressed “these are so dang cute”. And that is the story of how Cutie Patootie Fragrances came to fruition.


My ultimate goal is to provide high quality fragrance diffusers that you, your family, and friends will enjoy to the fullest.




With sincere appreciation to the creative minds and spirits that have contributed to the Cutie Patootie Fragrances website, I could not have accomplished this goal without your support!!!

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