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Product Background

If you appreciate quality scents, Cutie Patootie Fragrances promises to delight you, your family, and friends!  Cutie Patootie diffusers are designed primarily to hang from rear-view mirrors but can also be hung from kitchen pulls, door knobs, washroom hooks, school lockers, and endless applications within the home or office settings. 


Each diffuser consists of an adorable apple-shaped glass bottle, in addition to a porous wooden cap and a coloured hanging string.  The bottle is filled with 10 mls of high quality essential and/or fragrance oils that are hand-blended, in precise ratios, with specially formulated colourants and diffusing oils.  The diffuser works on the premise of a reed diffuser whereby the wooden cap absorbs the oils and then disperses the fragrance into the environment.  Customers get full control of the intensity of the scent based on how much oil is introduced to the wooden cap.  When a refresh is desired, simply tip additional oils into the cap and savour the aroma.   


All oils utilized in production are perfume/cosmetic grade, non-carcinogenic, and are approved by the FDA, thus providing peace of mind for health and well-being.  Additionally, all essential/fragrance oils are paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan.  


With over 60 fragrances to choose from, including selections especially for men, women, and children, you are sure to find a new favourite.  Customers routinely express delight in experiencing long-lasting scent from their diffusers for two months or greater.


Furthermore, the glass diffuser bottles and wooden caps are environmentally friendly as they are re-usable. Given that residual oils are embedded within the wooden cap, it is recommended that refills are of the original fragrance.  Refill containers have a tapered nozzle that fits into the neck of the glass bottle, allowing for an easy, no spill transfer of the scented oils. 

See below for a pictorial representation on how to use the fragrance diffuser.

Proudly Made in Canada

Important Information: Cutie Patootie Fragrances are NOT designed for topical application or ingestion. Furthermore, Cutie Patootie Fragrances does NOT purport to treat, cure, or prevent disease by way of the essential/fragrance oil ingredients.

How to Use
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